5 Best Automatic Ironing Machines For Commercial Uses


Ironing clothes has always been an integral part of our daily lives. Whether it's getting ready for work, attending a special event, or simply maintaining a neat appearance, perfectly pressed garments play a crucial role in making us look presentable and confident. However, the task of ironing can be time-consuming, laborious, and often tedious. That is, until now.

Introducing the best automatic ironing machine, a revolutionary appliance designed to transform your ironing experience. This cutting-edge innovation harnesses the power of technology to simplify and streamline the ironing process, making it faster, more efficient, and hassle-free.

Gone are the days of struggling with traditional irons, spending hours standing in front of the ironing board, and risking accidental burns on delicate fabrics. The automatic ironing machine takes the guesswork out of ironing, offering a state-of-the-art solution that combines convenience, precision, and exceptional performance.

In commercial settings where efficiency and productivity are paramount, investing in automatic ironing machines can significantly streamline operations and save time. These machines are specifically designed to handle heavy-duty ironing tasks with minimal human intervention, making them ideal for businesses with large-scale ironing requirements. In this article, we present the 5 best automatic ironing machines for commercial use, offering advanced features, durability, and exceptional performance.


Best Automatic Ironing Machines Number 1: Is Speedypress Ultra XL Ironing Press

What is Speedypress Ultra XL Ironing Press:

The Speedypress Ultra XL Ironing Press is a cutting-edge appliance designed to revolutionize your ironing experience. This advanced ironing press offers a wide range of features and benefits that make it stand out in the market. Let's take a closer look at what the Speedypress Ultra XL has to offer:

What are the unique features and Advantages of Speedypress Ultra XL Ironing Press?

  1. Extra-Large Ironing Surface: The Ultra XL Ironing Press offers an expansive ironing surface, providing ample space to work on larger garments, bedding, or tablecloths. Its generous size allows for efficient ironing of bulky items with ease.
  2. Rapid Heating Time: Equipped with a rapid heating element, the Speedypress Ultra XL heats up quickly, minimizing waiting time and allowing you to start ironing promptly. This is particularly useful when dealing with a large pile of laundry.
  3. Adjustable Temperature Settings: The Ultra XL Ironing Press offers adjustable temperature settings to cater to various fabric types. Whether you're ironing delicate silk or sturdy cotton, you can select the perfect temperature to ensure optimal results without damaging your clothes.
  4. Digital Control Panel: The Ultra XL Ironing Press features a user-friendly digital control panel that allows for intuitive and easy adjustments. You can easily set and monitor the temperature, steam output, and timer settings with just a few touches.
  5. Time-Saving Efficiency: The combination of the large ironing surface, powerful steam output, and quick heating time makes the Ultra XL Ironing Press highly efficient. You can breeze through your ironing tasks in less time, freeing up more time for other activities.
  6. Digital Control Panel: The Ultra XL Ironing Press features a user-friendly digital control panel that allows for intuitive and easy adjustments. You can easily set and monitor the temperature, steam output, and timer settings with just a few touches.
  7. Sturdy and Durable Construction: The Speedypress Ultra XL is built with durability in mind. Its solid construction ensures stability during use, while the high-quality materials used in its manufacturing contribute to its long lifespan.
  8. Versatile Applications: This ironing press is not limited to garments only. It can also be used for pressing curtains, beddings, and other household fabrics. The Ultra XL's versatility makes it a multi-purpose appliance for various ironing needs.
  9. Safety Features: Safety is a priority with the Speedypress Ultra XL. It includes an auto-shutoff feature that turns off the press when it's not in use for a specific period, ensuring safety and energy conservation.
  10. Positive Customer Feedback: The Speedypress Ultra XL has received positive reviews from satisfied customers. Its high-quality performance, user-friendly features, and excellent results have made it a popular choice among users seeking a reliable and efficient ironing press.

The standout feature of the Ultra XL Ironing Press is its spacious pressing area, allowing you to tackle a variety of clothing items and linens with ease. Whether you're ironing shirts, dresses, or bed sheets, this press can handle them all, reducing the time and effort required to achieve perfectly pressed results.

Number 2: TUBIE: The Shirt Finisher

Tubie, also known as "The Shirt Finisher," is a revolutionary garment care device designed to simplify the process of ironing and finishing shirts. This innovative appliance combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features to achieve professional-quality results without the hassle and time-consuming nature of traditional ironing.

Using the Tubie is incredibly simple and straightforward. The shirt is placed over a specially designed inflatable tube, which is then secured in place. The device then generates hot air that circulates inside the shirt, allowing it to relax and release wrinkles. This automated process ensures consistent and uniform results with minimal effort.

One of the key advantages of using the Tubie shirt finisher is its versatility. It can effectively handle a wide range of shirt sizes and styles, including button-up shirts, dress shirts, polo shirts, and more. The inflatable tube is adjustable, accommodating different collar sizes and ensuring that the entire shirt, including the cuffs and sleeves, receives the same level of attention and care.

In conclusion, Tubie - The Shirt Finisher is a game-changing appliance that transforms the way we approach shirt ironing and finishing. Its innovative technology, user-friendly design, versatility, and time-saving capabilities make it an ideal solution for those who value perfectly pressed shirts with minimal effort. Say goodbye to tedious ironing sessions and welcome the convenience and efficiency of the Tubie shirt finisher for a hassle-free garment care experience.

Special Features of Tubie The Shirt Finisher

  1. Inflatable Tube System: Tubie features a specially designed inflatable tube that gently inflates the shirt, smoothing out wrinkles and creating a crisp finish. This unique system ensures consistent and uniform results across the entire shirt.
  2. Adjustable Collar Size: The inflatable tube is adjustable, allowing it to accommodate various collar sizes. This feature ensures that the collar of the shirt receives the same level of attention and care as the rest of the garment.
  3. Hot Air Circulation: Tubie generates hot air that circulates inside the shirt, helping the fabric relax and release wrinkles. The controlled hot air circulation ensures effective wrinkle removal without causing damage to the fabric.
  4. Versatility: Tubie is designed to handle a wide range of shirt sizes and styles. Whether you have button-up shirts, dress shirts, polo shirts, or other types of shirts, Tubie can accommodate them all. Its versatile design makes it suitable for different fabric types and collar styles, providing a comprehensive solution for various garment care needs.
  5. Time-Saving: Tubie significantly reduces ironing time compared to traditional methods. Its automated inflation and hot air circulation process streamline the ironing process, eliminating the need for manual repetitive movements. With Tubie, you can achieve professional-looking results in a fraction of the time, saving you valuable time and effort.
  6. Safety Features: Tubie is equipped with safety features to ensure a worry-free garment care experience. It includes built-in mechanisms to prevent overheating, protecting both the device and your garments. With Tubie, you can have peace of mind while achieving excellent results.
  7. Portability and Compact Design: Tubie is designed to be portable and compact, allowing for easy storage and transportation. Its lightweight and space-saving design make it convenient for use at home or while traveling. You can enjoy the benefits of Tubie wherever you go.
  8. User-Friendly Operation: Tubie is designed with ease of use in mind. With simple controls and intuitive instructions, users can quickly and effortlessly operate the device for efficient garment care.
  9. Quality Results: The combination of the inflatable tube system, hot air circulation, and versatile design ensures that Tubie delivers high-quality results, creating perfectly pressed shirts with a professional finish.
  10. Maintenance and Care: Tubie is designed for easy maintenance and care. The device is constructed with durable materials and can be easily cleaned and stored, ensuring its longevity and optimal performance.

In summary, Tubie: The Shirt Finisher offers a range of special features that set it apart from traditional ironing methods. With its inflatable tube system, adjustable collar size, hot air circulation, versatility, time-saving capabilities, safety features, portability, user-friendly operation, and quality results, Tubie provides a convenient and efficient solution for achieving perfectly pressed shirts with minimal effort.


Number 3: Trevil Multiform FMV Shirt Finisher

The Trevil Multiform FMV Shirt Finisher is another powerful automatic ironing machine ideal for commercial applications. It is equipped with advanced features such as adjustable pressure, temperature, and steam settings, allowing for customized ironing based on fabric type and desired results. The machine can handle a wide range of garments, including shirts, blouses, and dresses, with precision and efficiency.

Key Features of the Trevil Multiform FMV Shirt Finisher:

  1. Versatile Shirt Finishing: The Trevil Multiform FMV is designed to accommodate various shirt sizes, styles, and fabrics. It can handle a wide range of shirt types, including button-up shirts, dress shirts, polo shirts, and more. The device's versatility makes it suitable for both professional garment care facilities and individual use.
  2. Adjustable Clamping System: The shirt finisher features an adjustable clamping system that securely holds the shirt in place during the finishing process. This ensures that the shirt remains taut and wrinkle-free, allowing for precise and consistent results.
  3. Hot Air Blower Technology: The Trevil Multiform FMV utilizes hot air blower technology to remove wrinkles and creases from shirts effectively. The controlled hot air circulation relaxes the fabric and helps to eliminate stubborn wrinkles, resulting in a smooth and polished finish.
  4. Temperature and Time Control: The device offers temperature and time control settings, allowing users to customize the finishing process based on the specific fabric type and garment requirements. This feature ensures optimal results while maintaining the integrity of the shirt's fabric.
  5. Collar and Cuff Finishing Options: The Trevil Multiform FMV includes dedicated features for finishing shirt collars and cuffs. It enables precise and uniform pressing of these areas, ensuring a professional and well-groomed look.
  6. User-Friendly Interface: The shirt finisher is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it easy to operate and adjust settings. The intuitive controls and clear instructions ensure a seamless user experience, even for those with limited garment care experience.
  7. Compact and Space-Saving Design: The Trevil Multiform FMV is designed to be compact and space-saving, making it suitable for various environments, including homes, small garment care businesses, and large-scale professional facilities. Its ergonomic design allows for easy storage and maneuverability.
  8. Enhanced Efficiency and Time Savings: With the Trevil Multiform FMV, shirt finishing tasks can be completed quickly and efficiently. The device's automated processes, adjustable settings, and consistent results minimize the need for manual ironing, saving time and effort.
  9. Quality and Durability: The Trevil Multiform FMV is built with high-quality materials and components, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. It is designed to withstand the demands of regular use in professional settings while maintaining its functionality and effectiveness.

In summary, the Trevil Multiform FMV Shirt Finisher offers a range of features and benefits that make it a versatile and efficient garment care device. With its adjustable clamping system, hot air blower technology, temperature and time control, dedicated collar and cuff finishing options, user-friendly interface, compact design, enhanced efficiency, and durable construction, the Trevil Multiform FMV provides a reliable solution for achieving perfectly finished shirts with ease and precision.


Number 4: Pfaff Rotary Ironer

The Pfaff Rotary Ironer is a versatile and efficient automatic ironing machine commonly used in commercial settings. It is equipped with a large roller that allows for fast and continuous ironing of various garments, including bedsheets, tablecloths, and uniforms. The machine offers adjustable temperature and roller speed settings, ensuring optimal ironing results for different fabric types. With its robust construction and user-friendly controls, the Pfaff Rotary Ironer is a reliable choice for commercial ironing applications.

Key Features of the Pfaff Rotary Ironer:

  1. Large Roller Surface: The Pfaff Rotary Ironer features a spacious roller surface that allows for easy ironing of various garments, including shirts, pants, tablecloths, and bed linens. The wide roller surface ensures even heat distribution and consistent results across the entire fabric.
  2. Adjustable Temperature and Speed: The rotary ironer offers adjustable temperature and speed settings to accommodate different fabric types and ironing preferences. This feature allows users to tailor the ironing process to suit the specific needs of each garment, ensuring optimal results without the risk of damage.
  3. Three Roller System: The Pfaff Rotary Ironer incorporates a three-roller system, comprising a heated roller and two additional pressure rollers. This configuration ensures that fabrics are pressed evenly and smoothly, resulting in wrinkle-free and neatly pressed garments.
  4. Foot Pedal Control: The rotary ironer is equipped with a foot pedal control system, allowing users to easily operate the machine while keeping their hands free to guide the fabric. This feature enhances convenience and ergonomics, making the ironing process more efficient and comfortable.
  5. Folding Functionality: In addition to ironing, the Pfaff Rotary Ironer also offers a folding function that enables the automatic folding of garments. This feature simplifies the laundry process and saves time by eliminating the need for manual folding after ironing.
  6. Easy Storage: The Pfaff Rotary Ironer is designed to be compact and space-saving, making it suitable for both home and professional use. It can be easily folded and stored when not in use, maximizing available space in laundry rooms or closets.
  7. Safety Features: The rotary ironer is equipped with several safety features to ensure user protection. These include a safety guard that prevents accidental contact with the heated roller, an emergency stop button for immediate shutdown, and automatic shutoff mechanisms for temperature and power overload.
  8. Durability and Quality: Pfaff is a well-known brand renowned for its high-quality appliances, and the Rotary Ironer is no exception. It is built with durable materials and designed to withstand regular use, delivering reliable performance and longevity.

The Pfaff Rotary Ironer offers a range of features that simplify the ironing process, enhance efficiency, and deliver professional-grade results. With its large roller surface, adjustable temperature and speed settings, three-roller system, foot pedal control, folding functionality, easy storage, safety features, and durable construction, this appliance provides a convenient and effective solution for achieving wrinkle-free and neatly pressed garments with ease.


Number 5: Battistella Vaporino Maxi

The Battistella Vaporino Maxi is a leading automatic ironing machine designed for commercial use. With its exceptional performance, advanced features, and reliable operation, it has gained a strong reputation in the industry. This steam generator and ironing system are ideal for a wide range of applications, including garment factories, laundries, and textile businesses.

Key Features of the Battistella Vaporino Maxi:

  1. Powerful Steam Generation: The Vaporino Maxi is equipped with a high-performance steam generator that ensures a continuous and reliable supply of steam. This powerful steam generation allows for efficient and effective wrinkle removal, resulting in professional-quality ironing.
  2. Versatility and Adaptability: This machine is designed to handle a variety of garments and fabrics. Whether you need to iron delicate fabrics or heavy-duty textiles, the Vaporino Maxi offers the flexibility and adaptability required to achieve excellent ironing results.
  3. Sturdy Build Quality: Battistella is known for its commitment to producing durable and reliable machines, and the Vaporino Maxi is no exception. It is constructed with high-quality materials and components to withstand the demands of commercial use, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  4. Adjustable Steam Flow: The Vaporino Maxi allows users to adjust the steam flow according to the specific fabric being ironed. This feature enables precise control and optimal ironing results while minimizing the risk of damage to delicate fabrics.
  5. User-Friendly Interface: With its intuitive controls and user-friendly interface, the Vaporino Maxi is easy to operate. Operators can quickly and effortlessly adjust settings such as steam flow, temperature, and other variables to achieve desired ironing results.
  6. Safety Features: The Vaporino Maxi prioritizes safety with features such as a steam pressure gauge, safety thermostat, and pressure switch. These safety mechanisms help maintain safe operating conditions, protecting both the machine and the user.
  7. Enhanced Workflow Efficiency: Designed to optimize workflow efficiency, the Vaporino Maxi streamlines the ironing process in commercial settings. Its high-performance steam generation and adjustable settings enable quick and effective ironing, saving time and improving overall productivity.

In summary, the Battistella Vaporino Maxi is a highly regarded automatic ironing machine known for its exceptional performance, advanced features, and reliability. With its powerful steam generation, versatility, sturdy build quality, adjustable steam flow, user-friendly interface, safety features, and enhanced workflow efficiency, it is a valuable asset for businesses in the garment industry that require efficient and high-quality ironing results in a commercial setting.


These five automatic ironing machines have proven their worth in commercial settings, providing efficient and high-quality ironing results. Ultimately, the choice among them will depend on specific requirements, budget, and preferences. It is recommended to thoroughly research and compare the features and capabilities of each machine to make an informed decision that aligns with the business's needs.

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