How to Schedule Tweets on Twitter for Web Without an Ad Account


Scheduling of tweets was a sort of luxury only available to Twitter ad account holders for quite some time. However, all that has changed now. Scheduling tweets is now a feature available to both Ad-account and non-Ad-account holders. How do you go about it? not to worry, This comprehensive tutorial on how to schedule tweets on Twitter for the web without an Ad-account, will demystify the whole process.

The fact that the tweet schedule feature is now open to all Twitter users, means a lot to enthusiats who do not intend to have ad accounts. Scheduling tweets is the way to go if you do not have the time to post on your Twitter wall every day, but intend to build an engaging audience.  All Twitter users can now schedule a chain of posts to be published on their microblogging platform.

How to Schedule Tweets on Twitter for Web Without an Ad AccountHTE


To process of scheduling tweets on the web for Twitter accounts without an ad account is far from being herculean. It's not a hack, its actually  an official process designed by Twitter. The steps are outlined below in a comprehensive manner.

Scheduling Tweets on Twitter For Web Without Ad Account

  1. Logon to twitter.com via a web-browser
  2. Login into your twitter account with the particulars you used in registering.
  3. Launch the tweet box
  4. Compose your tweet in the field provided inside the compose box
  5. Click on the calendar icon from the list of icons found beneath the compose box
  6. Now set the data and time you want the tweet to be published
  7. Click on the "Schedule" button

There you have it - a comprehensive tutorial on how to schedule on twitter web without an ad account. If for some reason the tutorial wasn't totally clear to you or you have any contributions, or other social networking tips, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

How To Disable Ultra Wideband U1 Chip To Prevent Background Location Tracking On iPhone 11

One of the perks that have over the years grown to become very famous with iPhones, is the rigid security they offer. iPhones are known to offer a luxurious security suite that keeps every form of data secured from pilfering. However, there is a high chance your location data may be up for leaks if you own an iPhone 11 or 11 Pro using running iOS later than the 13.3.1 version. This is facilitated by the mode of operation of the U1 Chip. In this article, you will learn how to disable the ultra-wideband U1 chip to prevent background location tracking on iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

Without a doubt, reading the above must have facilitated the question as to why Apple chose to employ Ultra wideband U1 considering the fact that it poses a threat to the prestigious security suite. The answer is pretty much wrapped in one sentence. The U1 chip makes apple's airdrop system work seamlessly.

In other to make the airdrop system work a lot better, Apple employed the use of the U1 Chip which features an Ultra-Wideband (UWB) radio that lets it provide precise location and spatial awareness. As such, it's able to detect its exact position relative to other iPhones in the same environment.

Leaving this chip enabled creates a back door for your exact location to shared amongst pilferers, which in turn leaves a stain on the integrity of the iPhone's security system. However, Apple made a fix to this problem, but you would have to be using the iOS 13.3.1 or later version to get access to this fix. As such we advise you to update your iOS if you are using a version older than 13.3.1.

How To Disable Ultra Wideband U1 chip on iPhone 11 and 11 Pro

How To Disable Ultra Wideband U1 Chip To Prevent Background Location Tracking On iPhone 11

The steps to disabling the U1 chip are is concise and easy to grasp. This is thanks to the fact that it is inculcated into settings on iPhones. All you need do is follow the steps outlined below in the right order.

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone
  2. Scroll down and tap Privacy
  3. Tap Location Services
  4. Select System Services from the list
  5. Now search for the Networking & Wireless option and then proceed to disable it

Wrapping up

If you value security of your smartphone, then there is no doubt that this tutorial on how to disable ultra Wideband U1 Chip To Prevent Background Location Tracking On iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro would fit in perfectly. However, please note that disabling this feature means, the U1 chip will also not be functioning to enhance Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.

How To Root Samsung Galaxy A70 with PC

The Samsung Galaxy A70 is one of the top-notch midrange smartphones Samsung has manufactured in recent years. It sort of tick majority of the criteria that define a good mid-range smartphone. Packed in the Galaxy A70 is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 processor, 6GB 0r 8GB RAM, 128GB of internal storage, a 4500mAh battery, 25W fast charge mechanism and lots more.

It runs on the well-distinguished One UI interface. This article covers a tutorial on how to root the Samsung Galaxy A70 with PC.
how to root Samsung Galaxy A70 with PC
There are actually different ways to root the Samsung Galaxy A70. Rooting it via PC using a one-click root system is one of them. The fact that you chose to read this article, is a pointer to the fact that you desire to root your Samsung Galaxy A70 device with your PC.  Here you will learn how to root the Samsung Galaxy A70 with PC using Kingroot. However before you can proceed to root this device, there are certain requirements you must meet.


  1. You must unlock the bootloader on your Samsung Galaxy A70 device
  2. You are required to have at least 60% charge
  3. Download the Kingroot App on your PC

How To Unlock the Bootloader of the Samsung Galaxy A70

1. Enable Developers Option: To enable developer option, navigate through settings > About phone > About phone > tap on build numbers until you get the message that developer settings have been enabled.
2. Go back to the setting page and open developer options
3. Look for OEM Unlock option and enable it
4. Download the CROM APP
5. Launch the CROM app and toggle the slider to unlock the bootloader
6. Your Bootloader has been unlocked.

How To Root Samsung Galaxy A70 with PC Using KingRoot

Kingroot was chosen for this tutorial, because of its simplicity. It's unarguably one of the easiest platforms to root smartphones. Rooting smartphones with Kingroot is a very seamless process. This simplicity spreads to not just its PC extension, but also on the mobile app. The steps to root your Samsung Galaxy A70 with PC using the Kingroot app are outlined below:
1. Download and install  King Root on your computer
2. Launch the King Root software you download on your PC
3. Connect your Samsung Galaxy A70 device to your PC
4. Wait for King Root to recognize your device and then tap okay
5. Click the Root button to begin the root process
6. Unplug and reboot your Samsung Galaxy A70 device ones the rooting process is complete

Wrapping Up:

The whole process of rooting the Samsung Galaxy A70 with PC is pretty much simple and straight forward. All that is required is for you to follow the steps outlined in this article. However, if you have any questions as regards this tutorial, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

How To Get Back The Old Twitter Interface

UI re-design is something many companies have to do from time to time. It gives a whole new feeling to the app, making the user appreciate the interface more. Aside from improving aesthetics, UI re-design also helps improve navigation around the app.

UI re-design may be a product of good intentions, but deciding how good the job re-design was is the job of the end-user. There are some scenarios where users wish they could have the old user-interface. This fact may just be true in Twitter's case. Search statistics show that many twitter users wish to have the old twitter interface.  In this article, we explore different procedures on how to get back the Old twitter interface.

How To Get Back The Old Twitter Interface

1. Using Good Witter

Good Witter is a web browser extension that brings back the old twitter interface. It was designed by Zusor and is currently available for Chrome and Firefox. All you to do is download the extension from either the Chrome's web store or the Firefox's Add-on Manager and enable.

If nothing changes the instant you enable it, then you are advised to reload your twitter window or clear your internet browser's cache.

2. Change Firefox Configuration

Changing your Firefox browser configuration isn't as simple as installing a plugin, but it does work. Of course, it is a method that's peculiar to Firefox. It lets you get back the old twitter interface by making some tweaks. The steps are outlined below:
  • In the address field, type about:config.
  •  Click on the “I accept the risk!” button.
  • Right-click anywhere within the page and select “New” > “String”
  • In the preference name box, Enter general.useragent.override.twitter.com and hit “OK.”
  •  Now enter Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; Trident/7.0; rv:11.0) like Gecko, in the space provided for the string value.

In Summary:

There you have it - a comprehensive tech tutorial on how to get back the old Twitter user-interface. If you have any questions as regards this tutorial, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

How To Root Xiaomi Mi CC9 without PC

The major reason the Android operating system was able to succeed many mobile operating systems is its open-source nature, which lets you make a lot of tweaks on your Android Smartphone and devices, giving you developer access.

Despite the open-source nature of the Android operating system, there are some features you won't be able to access, except you root your device. In this article, you will find steps on how to Root Xiaomi Mi CC9 without PC.

Rooting the Xiaomi Mi CC9 gives you access to a lot of developer features, features that are not available on non rooted devices. You will be able to install custom ROMs, clock your CPU and do lots more. Simply put, rooting the Xiaomi Mi CC9 is unlocking extra developer features, features not available on default.
How to root Xiaomi Mi CC9 without PC

Generally, rooting smartphones can be done either with an app on your Android device or using your PC, which may be a bit cumbersome. As mentioned in the introductory paragraph, this article explains how to root the Xiaomi Mi CC9 without PC.

Using a wrong rooting method on your Android device has two implications. The rooting will not work and no negative effect would be observed, or you can use a wrong rooting method and end up having a bricked device.
In order to prevent your smartphone from been bricked, it is advised you cross-check the specifications of your device to see if it matches the Xiaomi Mi CC9. The authentic specs of the Xiaomi Mi CC9 are listed below:
  • 6.3-inch super AMOLED display-1080x2340 Screen Resolution
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor
  • 6GB RAM 64GB or 6GB RAM 128GB or 8GB 256GB
  • 48MP + 8MP + 2MP Rear Cameras
  • 32MP Selfie Camera
  • 4030MAH
Once you have checked and confirmed that the specs of your device match the specs listed above, you can now proceed to root your device using the steps given in this article.

How To  Root Xiaomi CC9 Without PC Using KingRoot

We have a large number of root apps for Android today. All these apps have the same function, and that function is to root your device. In all, Kingroot stands out for one reason, and that reason is its simplicity. KingRoot features a minimal interface.

Another stellar feature of the KingRoot app is its support for a large number of Android devices. Only a few Android devices can't be rooted using the KingRoot App. These devices are catered for, with new updates. The Steps to Root the Xiaomi CC9 with Kingroot are listed below:
  1. On your Andriod device, Navigate through settings > Security > Allow apps from unknown sources
  2. On your browser, navigate to Kingroot.net
  3. Download and Install the KingRoot app
  4. Launch the Installed KingRoot app
  5. Follow the on-screen prompts
  6. Click the Root button
  7. Restart your Android device
  8. Enjoy your rooted device.
Now that your Xiaomi Mi CC9 device has been rooted, you now have access to those extra developer features that were not available on default. Here is a list of things you can do with your rooted device:
  • You can delete stock apps
  • You can install a custom ROM
  • You can clock your processor
  • You can block built-in ad services
To successfully root your device without problems, you are advised to follow the steps listed above meticulously. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

15 of the Best Offline Android Games of 2019

The idea that gaming is for kids has gone obsolete. Gaming has become a recreational activity indulged by both adult and kids. Gaming helps people ease tension. Today we have a lot of games on the Google Playstore. Some of which are offline and others online. Getting to know the statistics of people that prefer offline games to online games and vice versa may be very difficult, but I for one prefer offline games. I guess our choices are similar, due to the fact that you are currently reading this article of best offline Android games.

As mentioned in the paragraph above, games can be split into two categories, which are Online and Offline category. As their games clearly explain, Online games require internet connection, while offline games do not require an internet connection. The smoothness of an online game is hinged on your internet speed, but for Offline games, all you need is a capable device (such as smartphones and tablet devices) and you are home and dry. Internet connection isn't a determinant here. Though some offline games require an internet connection to get some features, a large portion of the game is playable offline. Now that Online and Offline games have been described, let's jump to the list of best offline games for Android.

1. Gangster Vegas: World of Crime

Image result for Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime

Without a doubt, open-world games are one of the most sought after games we have today. The fun in being able to drive any vehicle of your choice, change clothes and lots more is unbeatable. Gangster Vegas is an actual open-world game, that can be played offline. Your opinion may differ, but am in love with this game. It's part of the reason it's occupying the first position on this list.

There is a lot to do in Gangster vegas. Gangster Vegas has a story mode you can follow, in case you get confused on what to do next. If you are not on the story mode, you can spring up gang wars, drive exotic cars and travel cities, kill zombies, get in a boxing tournament and lots more. The fun part is that you can do all these without an internet connection.

2. Asphalt 8 Airborne

Image result for Asphalt 8 Airborne

Taking second place on this list is the Asphalt 8 Airborne. As you might have correctly guessed, the Asphalt 8 Airborne is a car racing game. One of the best out there. The Asphalt 8 Airborne is a version of the series of Asphalt racing games we have today. It is an offline racing game, that offers a lot of features without the internet as a prerequisite.

You only need the internet to download the game from Google PlayStore. The Asphalt 8 Airborne has right for a lot of exotic cars and bikes. This means you have the option of choosing from a long list of exotic rides. You have the option of choosing either a bike or car for that anticipated race. You also have a long list of race tracks to choose from, as well as different challenges.

3. SoulCraft - Action RPG

Image result for SoulCraft - Action RPG

The game soulcraft is centered on the fight between angels and demons. It is a role-playing game (RPG). Assume the role of the Angel protagonist, and your duty will be to fight the demon, making sure they do not interrupt the circle of life. If you desire to take on the role of demons, your task would be the opposite. Characters in this game have a miniature form, this way you get a wider view of the gameplay.

The game soulcraft has different locations, you can select. SoulCrafts features different modes, designed to suit your fantasies. In the SoulCraft game, you have the Time run, Arena, Hellgate, crystal, defense, and boss fights mode. You also at liberty to choose your favorite weapon. From swords to spells, you have a lot of weapons at your disposal.

4. Major Mayhem

Image result for Major Mayhem

I guess someone made Major Mayhem angry. There is no telling what a fresh of the barracks army officer can do. Playing this game, you assume the role of major Mayhem, a character who roams around his habitat, gunning down enemies. You are offered a wide range of virtual military-grade weapons to use.

The choice is yours. The game Major Mayhem is an offline game with 45 levels, 4 game modes, 100 achievements, 150 mini objectives, 20 awesome weapons and lots more. These features are an indicator that you are never gonna get bored playing this game. Major Mayhem is a highly recommended offline game for Android.

5. Traffic Rider

Image result for Traffic Rider

The Game Traffic Rider is yet another highly recommended offline racing game for Android. Unlike the Asphalt 8 Airborne, Traffic Rider is a racing game that is centered on bikes. There are no cars here. You are offered with a robust list of bikes to select.

Traffic rider has more than 70 missions to play. You are also presented with a robust list of race tracks to race. In the Traffic Racer game, you can play career mode, play via the first-person perspective. All these features are available offline. You can also go on online if you desire to check the worldwide leader board.

6. European War 4: Napolean

Image result for European War 4: Napoleon

European War 4 is a strategy game based on the wars that happened in the Napolean era. If you love strategy games, you are certainly gonna love this game. Playing the European War 4 game, you are required to build your army, making them fit for potential battles. Building your army in this game is very practical, you are required to build your train warriors, build territories and lots more.

You are liberty to choose different characters to champion your army building. Characters available here include Napoleon, Murat, Wellington, Nelson and lots more. The European War 4 game features over 42 countries, 200 generals, 58 treasures and lots more. Similar to the games already mentioned in this article, European War 4 is an offline game.

7. Earn To Die 2

Image result for Earn To Die 2

You wake up to find yourself in the apocalypse age, your only hope of survival is your vehicle, which you must use to run to safety to avoid getting devoured by zombies. This is the case in the game Earn To Die 2. You must help the character escape to the other side of the zombie-infested country.

In other to get your character to safety, you must scale through huddles, huddles that include attacking zombies, dilapidated roads and lots more. The game Earn 2 die has different levels, by default going higher in level means the game gets tougher.

8. Bloons TD6

Image result for Bloons TD6

Similar to the European War 4 mentioned above, the Bloon TD6 is another top-notch strategy game that can be played offline. Bloons TD6 may not be as sophisticated as the European War 4, but it sure passes the test of being a strategy game.

Here you are tasked with the duty of protecting your empire, building barricades that protect the empire from Bloons. You can use monkey towers to fortify the empire.   Bloons TD6 features a detailed map, to make navigation easy.

9. CrashLands

Image result for CrashLands

Oppos seems Flux Dabes is stock in a planet alien to survive. How has to get home as soon as possible. Playing the game CrashLands, you assume the character of Flux Dabes, who gets stuck in an alien planet, due to some mishap. Flux Dabes must learn to adapt to his new environment and in the process craft and escape plan.

Flux Dabes has to make new friends, learn how to cook the food he finds in this alien planet, and lots more, in order to survive, before his escape plan pulls through. As you might have already deduced, the Game CrashLands is a role-playing game. Similar to the already mentioned games, CrashLands can be played offline for your delight.

10. Crossy Road

Image result for Crossy Road

We all wanna get a bite of that chicken, so we have to kill them. Looks like we would have to hold that thought. We need to get the chickens to safety first. In the game Crossy road, you are obliged to take the chickens to safety.

You guide them through difficult terrains, help them cross busy roads and lots more. Desire a bigger screen to make crossing the chickens a whole lot easier? Crossy Road has Android TV support. Now you can be fully immersed in the game. Crossy Road can be played both online and offline.

11. Eternium

Image result for . Eternium

Eternium is yet another top-notch RPG game that can be played offline. Eternium is action-packed. Eternium has the potentials of keeping you busy for hours, it is a highly recommended offline game for Android. Being an action RPG game, you are in for some serious combat.

You have different exciting weapons to choose from here. The Eternium is packed with different missions, that makes the combat a lot meaningful and yes this game can be played offline.

12. Friday the 13th

Image result for Friday the 13th

The game Friday the 13th is all about Jason Voorhees, an undying character that brings horror to the table. If you are a fan of the Jason Voorhees character, you are certainly going to love this game. Your mission in the game is to terrorize the terrain you find yourself.

There are different levels here, with different methods of terror to apply. From the description provided, it is very clear that Friday the 13th isn't for kids. You should caution your kids against having it on their devices.

13. Millionaire 2019

Image result for Millionaire 2019

Yes, you read it right. Your favorite TV show is a game on your Android device and can be downloaded from the Google Playstore. Millionaire 2019 is a game that simulates the who wants to be millionaire game show on your Android device.

Just like the Java version in Nokia S40 phones, you are offered a set of randomly generated questions to answer every time the game is launched. You have different lifelines to choose from, just the way you have it on the TV show. There is a time frame to answering any question. Millionaire 2019 is available in many languages and can be played offline.

14. Shadow Fight

Image result for Shadow Fight

Got adventurous, felt the need to open a portal filled with evil shadow warriors, now you have to prevent them from destroying the earth. It's you against many. But wait, you are now like them, you have been turned to a shadow warrior. Shadow Fighter is an arcade game that features different fighters using different weapons.

The protagonist must defeat all evil shadow fighters to keep the earth safe. Despite the fact that the shadow fight requires you to go online to gain access to some features, a large part of the game can be played offline. Please note that Shadow Fight is an offline game, while Shadow Fight 2 is an online game. Both games can be downloaded from the Google PlayStore.

15. Shadow Blade Zero

Image result for Shadow Blade Zero

Shadow Blade Zero is a ninja game similar to the Shadow fight game mentioned above. Here you assume the role of a character who seeks to master the act of a being Ninja. This game is all about you passing different hurdles, scaling through Ninja preparation exercises, fight, learning stealth movements and lots more.

Wrapping Up:

 This concludes my list of recommended offline games for Android. If you have any personal favorites or offline games you would love to share, do let us know in the comment section below.