7 Best Automatic Ironing Machines For Home and Offices

Ironing is hard for me and takes ages to do well, an automatic Ironing machine is an electronic device that erases wrinkles effectively and makes your clothes look flaky and suitable to go for the day

Here is a list of the 7 best automatic ironing machines that are easy to use, based on how well it removes wrinkles from fabrics and how fast to reach their maximum temperature, reducing stress, and consuming less time involved in ironing. These tests along with customer feedback bring the top 7 best automatic ironing devices.

Why should you own an automated ironing machine?

  • Ironing yourself is annoying and hard to do most times
  • Paying for the laundry always to do it can be expensive if you don't want to do it yourself.
  • In fact, ironing get harder with bigger family members
  • It's important to iron and look neatly
  • Another statement of fact is that the ironing gets worse the bigger your family gets.

1. Effie

Effie is an automatic ironing machine that easily irons any material, bedsheets, towels, trousers, shirts, and more in less than 4 minutes to be done with each item, you can load up to 12 pieces of clothes once to return anytime and pack them. Ironing with Effie reduces stress and time to do other things.

Effie dimensions are 80cm x 25cm x 128cm and can handle all kinds of materials including cotton, silk, and polyester without damaging or burning the clothes because the temperature is lower.

Unique Futures of Effie:

  • Fully automated ironing machine.
  • Ready to use a few minutes
  • Handles multiple clothes at once without burning
  • Easily removes all wrinkles
  • Come with it adjustable hangers to fit the dress
  • No additional installation before use
  • One button controls everything.

2. PureSteam duo

pureSteam Duo is another powerful high-quality wrinkles remover, with its high temperature to penetrate any fabric smoothly and remove all wrinkles giving it a neat glance. It also provides a  water cup for measuring, come with an adjustable temperature Dial user-friendly, and is suitable for all garment.

PureSteam Duo is cost $300 currently worth having in the household to reduce the stress of ironing, it regulates between steaming and ironing making the fabric ready for the event.

Futures of PureSteam duo:

  • High-quality and well-built to last long
  • effectively reduce the stress of ironing
  • Fully automated machine
  • PureSteam Duo is well-designed to suit any fabric
  • Decrease time and save money with less work.

3. Russell Hobbs Hanging Ironing Garment Steamer Machine

Russell Hanging Ironing Garment Steamer is required to be in every home for wrinkles remover, an easy-to-use steamer, and ironing equipment that comes with a rotating hanger with clips and an adjustable pole to fit the height of any fabric.

This quality automatic machine capacity quickly de-wrinkles the fabric and fits anywhere even luggage for when traveling, It is lightweight and can easily be moved around to keep the clothes always neat,  it also has a water tank capacity of 220ml and Dual heat that fits any fabric making ironing very quick to do.

Futures of Russell Hobbs Hanging Ironing Garment Steamer:

  • Lightweight and can be easily moved around
  • Overheating control
  • Quick response
  • Adjustable rod to fit any fabric
  • Tank for water 22l
  • voltage rate, 2000w
  • (145xw34.6xh32.8) measurement.

4. Swaach SFF1000CSA Express Clothing Care System

Express Clothing Care System is another automatic ironing machine used to de-wrinkle and maintains the clothes saving time and money and making ironing easily well-done.

The machine is designed to fit anywhere in the house and is ready to use in 10 minutes when well-installed, and plugged in. The automated ironing machine preserves fabric to last long.

Swaach Express Clothing Care System creatively removes wrinkles and revives the clothe's awesome look.

Futures of Swaach:

  • Designed to fit anywhere in the house
  • User-friendly
  • Easily de-wrinkles
  • reduces the time of ironing

5. HOMCOM Full-Size Fabric Ironing and Steamer

Homcom Fabric Ironing and Steamer fully de-wrinkles and remove odors from fabric, the technology provides a built-in clothes hanger and clips to hold the clothes while steaming.

This automatic equipment makes life easy, it is a 1350-watt garment steamer with a built-in adjustable ironing board to any angle, also adjustable poles to fit the fabric. or slide done when not in use.

Futures of HomCom

  • Adjustable pole and ironing board
  • Come with a built-in water tank
  • Lightweight and portable
  • User-friendly.

6. Singer

Singer requires being present to manually turn around the fabric, it saves time but can't be compared to other automatic ironing machines. It handles large amounts of clothes at once reducing the stress of ironing. It is built with an adjustable heat setting and an electronic alarm that sounds for up to 10 seconds and reminds you to lift it when it's down.


Futures of Singer:

  • Built-in alarm to keep you reminded
  • User-friendly setting
  • Handles heavy fabric
  • Quick to hate up

7. Stwamery automatic ironing machine

Stwamery is an automatic steaming and ironing machine with a high-quality capacity to easily de-wrinkle fabric. It is built to fit anywhere in the home and can be freely moveable with a big tank of water to get the best professional experience.

Futures of Stwamery:

  • Lightweight and can easily be move
  • Large water tank
  • User-friendly set-up
  • (26x43x165) dimensions
  •  1850watt


No more wrinkled clothes again, automatic clothes ironing handles the stress and time wastage in ironing. Let us get your feedback from the list above if this was of help to you, add up to 12 clothes with Effie and return anytime to pick them up, it's much easier to always stay neat with this automatic ironing machine.

Top 10 Text Messages Backup Apps for Android Devices


Have you ever been in a terrible situation where you lost all your data on your Android device including your pictures, music, videos, audio,  files, and documents? You will agree with me that such a situation can render one sad or completely unproductive. Sometimes, we may have encountered such horrible situations in our lives as Android phone users and I bet you weren't able to get over it easily.  

For this sole reason, we recommend you download any of the top 10 text message backup apps for Android devices that are going to be listed below in this article to avoid losing any of your data. 

What is a Text Messages Backup App?

A backup app is an application that helps to restore the data of a user which could either be videos, audio, contacts, call logs, or SMS messages. There are so many different backup apps on the internet today and you can easily download them from the Play Store. 

But unfortunately, not all backup apps are reliable, only a few are and that's why we have decided to list out the top 10 text messages backup apps for Android devices just so you know. 

However, if this seems like what you would love to know then, consider reading this article till the end to find out more about these apps and how they function. 

SMS Backup & Restore

If you have ever lost your data as an Android user may be because your mobile phone got stolen or damaged.  You would have been able to restore all your data on the device using this tool called SMS Backup & Restore.  

You can easily find the app on Google Play Store where it has more than 10 million downloads and 4.4 stars reviews and ratings.  This app is the best to consider to back up your SMS messages, call logs, contacts, and files to avoid losing them under any circumstances.  

Backup Your Mobile

Backup Your Mobile is another popular backup app for Android devices that you can use to restore and back up data on your Android phone. 

If you have no plans of losing any important data or information on your Android device then consider downloading a reliable and effective backup application such as Backup Your Mobile. 

SMS & Call Log Backup 

The SMS & Call Log Backup is one of the best text messages backup apps for Android devices to try out. 

This app is no doubt one of the easiest tools to use by Android users to back up and restore text messages with the snap of a finger.  

Super Backup Pro

Looking for the fastest text message backup app for Android devices? Then, I think you should try out Super Backup Pro.  

Super Backup Pro is one of the fastest text backup apps that one can use to restore and back up data on Android devices. 

Sadly, this app doesn't run on every Android phone.  It only supports Android 5.0 devices and above. 

My Backup

I will suggest you try out My backup as it is one amazing text messages backup application that will provide you with what you need.

Do want to backup and restore SMS messages on any Android device? Then,  it is high time you consider using the My Backup app. This backup tool is currently one of the best mobile backup applications available on the Google Play Store and it also features on our list as one of the best out of 10 backup apps on the internet. 

Users can make use of this tool to backup SMS, photos, videos, audio, and other types of data on their Android devices. My experience with this SMS backup app is exactly what I had with Solid Explorer, a file manager that also supports data backup and restores.

Swift Backup 

Swift Backup is another good text messages backup app to consider having as an Android user.  This app is one of the newest Android backup apps on our list but just like the rest, it performs similar functions. 

But one thing that makes it beat all other backup apps is that it supports both rooted and non-rooted Android devices which is why we highly recommend it for all Android users. 

Titanium Backup 

With Titanium Backup your call logs, contacts, SMS messages, files, audio, and videos are all safe and stored effectively. It is advised that as an Android user you download the app on Google Play Store to prevent losing any of your data.  

This tool is user-friendly and it allows users to back up unlimited data within a short time by clicking a few buttons here and there. 

Simple Contacts Backup and Restore

Simple Contacts Backup and Restore is a great choice for Android users that is if you are looking for how best you can backup and restore messages or contacts on your mobile phone. 

But in this case, only users who have an already existing Google account can access the app as it is very necessary to create one for yourself.  

G Cloud

An application such as G Cloud offers a cloud service which means users can use it over the internet to back up SMS messages and other relevant data on their Android devices. 

Just like the other listed text message backup apps, the G Cloud functions, in the same manner, helping users restore important data and ensuring that they don't lose them at any cost. 

Google Backup App

You need a backup app that is not only reliable and cost-free but also doesn't take up much space in your device and such a backup app is Google Backup. 

This app is one of the best apps built mainly to help Android users back up and restore data on their devices.  

We have come to the end of the article,  but before I conclude with the topic I will like to give answers to a few questions that most people ask relating to the topic as we have discussed.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Do I Back Up Text Messages on My Android Device? 

The below-given instruction will guide you on how you can back up text messages also known as SMS on your Android device.

  • Step 1: Go to 'Settings' on your Android device.
  • Step 2: Visit the bottom of the settings page and then tap 'Google'.
  • Step 3: Then Select 'Backup'.
  • Step 4: The next step to take is to Select 'Backup now'.

Congratulations! You have successfully backed up the SMS/Text Messages on your Android device. 

How do I Transfer SMS from Android to Android? 

Follow the guide given below to learn how you can transfer or send SMS from Android to Android.  

  • Step 1: First and foremost, Turn on the Bluetooth feature on both Android devices (Android one and Android two).
  • Step 2: Pair both devices by first confirming the passcode. 
  • Step 3: Now, go to the Messaging app on the source device and select the messages that you wish to transfer to the other Android. 
  • Step 4: Next, Go to its Settings and choose to "Send" or "Share" the selected SMS threads.

Hurray! You have successfully learned to transfer SMS from Android to Android 

Does Google One Back Up Messages? 

Yes,  it does. Google One is an Android application that helps users to back up their text messages, app data, call history, contacts, settings, pictures, videos, SMS, and MMS messages.


So far so good we have discussed the top 10 best text messages backup apps for Android devices with most of the applications listed operating as cloud storage tools.  

With the above-listed applications, one can easily back up files, documents, pictures, videos, SMS messages, call logs, browser history, and any other type of data on your Android device.

How to Schedule Tweets on Twitter for Web Without an Ad Account


Scheduling of tweets was a sort of luxury only available to Twitter ad account holders for quite some time. However, all that has changed now. Scheduling tweets is now a feature available to both Ad-account and non-Ad-account holders. How do you go about it? not to worry, This comprehensive tutorial on how to schedule tweets on Twitter for the web without an Ad-account, will demystify the whole process.

The fact that the tweet schedule feature is now open to all Twitter users, means a lot to enthusiats who do not intend to have ad accounts. Scheduling tweets is the way to go if you do not have the time to post on your Twitter wall every day, but intend to build an engaging audience.  All Twitter users can now schedule a chain of posts to be published on their microblogging platform.

How to Schedule Tweets on Twitter for Web Without an Ad AccountHTE


To process of scheduling tweets on the web for Twitter accounts without an ad account is far from being herculean. It's not a hack, its actually  an official process designed by Twitter. The steps are outlined below in a comprehensive manner.

Scheduling Tweets on Twitter For Web Without Ad Account

  1. Logon to twitter.com via a web-browser
  2. Login into your twitter account with the particulars you used in registering.
  3. Launch the tweet box
  4. Compose your tweet in the field provided inside the compose box
  5. Click on the calendar icon from the list of icons found beneath the compose box
  6. Now set the data and time you want the tweet to be published
  7. Click on the "Schedule" button

There you have it - a comprehensive tutorial on how to schedule on twitter web without an ad account. If for some reason the tutorial wasn't totally clear to you or you have any contributions, or other social networking tips, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

How To Disable Ultra Wideband U1 Chip To Prevent Background Location Tracking On iPhone 11

One of the perks that have over the years grown to become very famous with iPhones, is the rigid security they offer. iPhones are known to offer a luxurious security suite that keeps every form of data secured from pilfering. However, there is a high chance your location data may be up for leaks if you own an iPhone 11 or 11 Pro using running iOS later than the 13.3.1 version. This is facilitated by the mode of operation of the U1 Chip. In this article, you will learn how to disable the ultra-wideband U1 chip to prevent background location tracking on iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

Without a doubt, reading the above must have facilitated the question as to why Apple chose to employ Ultra wideband U1 considering the fact that it poses a threat to the prestigious security suite. The answer is pretty much wrapped in one sentence. The U1 chip makes apple's airdrop system work seamlessly.

In other to make the airdrop system work a lot better, Apple employed the use of the U1 Chip which features an Ultra-Wideband (UWB) radio that lets it provide precise location and spatial awareness. As such, it's able to detect its exact position relative to other iPhones in the same environment.

Leaving this chip enabled creates a back door for your exact location to shared amongst pilferers, which in turn leaves a stain on the integrity of the iPhone's security system. However, Apple made a fix to this problem, but you would have to be using the iOS 13.3.1 or later version to get access to this fix. As such we advise you to update your iOS if you are using a version older than 13.3.1.

How To Disable Ultra Wideband U1 chip on iPhone 11 and 11 Pro

How To Disable Ultra Wideband U1 Chip To Prevent Background Location Tracking On iPhone 11

The steps to disabling the U1 chip are is concise and easy to grasp. This is thanks to the fact that it is inculcated into settings on iPhones. All you need do is follow the steps outlined below in the right order.

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone
  2. Scroll down and tap Privacy
  3. Tap Location Services
  4. Select System Services from the list
  5. Now search for the Networking & Wireless option and then proceed to disable it

Wrapping up

If you value security of your smartphone, then there is no doubt that this tutorial on how to disable ultra Wideband U1 Chip To Prevent Background Location Tracking On iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro would fit in perfectly. However, please note that disabling this feature means, the U1 chip will also not be functioning to enhance Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.

How To Root Samsung Galaxy A70 with PC

The Samsung Galaxy A70 is one of the top-notch midrange smartphones Samsung has manufactured in recent years. It sort of tick majority of the criteria that define a good mid-range smartphone. Packed in the Galaxy A70 is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 processor, 6GB 0r 8GB RAM, 128GB of internal storage, a 4500mAh battery, 25W fast charge mechanism and lots more.

It runs on the well-distinguished One UI interface. This article covers a tutorial on how to root the Samsung Galaxy A70 with PC.
how to root Samsung Galaxy A70 with PC
There are actually different ways to root the Samsung Galaxy A70. Rooting it via PC using a one-click root system is one of them. The fact that you chose to read this article, is a pointer to the fact that you desire to root your Samsung Galaxy A70 device with your PC.  Here you will learn how to root the Samsung Galaxy A70 with PC using Kingroot. However before you can proceed to root this device, there are certain requirements you must meet.


  1. You must unlock the bootloader on your Samsung Galaxy A70 device
  2. You are required to have at least 60% charge
  3. Download the Kingroot App on your PC

How To Unlock the Bootloader of the Samsung Galaxy A70

1. Enable Developers Option: To enable developer option, navigate through settings > About phone > About phone > tap on build numbers until you get the message that developer settings have been enabled.
2. Go back to the setting page and open developer options
3. Look for OEM Unlock option and enable it
4. Download the CROM APP
5. Launch the CROM app and toggle the slider to unlock the bootloader
6. Your Bootloader has been unlocked.

How To Root Samsung Galaxy A70 with PC Using KingRoot

Kingroot was chosen for this tutorial, because of its simplicity. It's unarguably one of the easiest platforms to root smartphones. Rooting smartphones with Kingroot is a very seamless process. This simplicity spreads to not just its PC extension, but also on the mobile app. The steps to root your Samsung Galaxy A70 with PC using the Kingroot app are outlined below:
1. Download and install  King Root on your computer
2. Launch the King Root software you download on your PC
3. Connect your Samsung Galaxy A70 device to your PC
4. Wait for King Root to recognize your device and then tap okay
5. Click the Root button to begin the root process
6. Unplug and reboot your Samsung Galaxy A70 device ones the rooting process is complete

Wrapping Up:

The whole process of rooting the Samsung Galaxy A70 with PC is pretty much simple and straight forward. All that is required is for you to follow the steps outlined in this article. However, if you have any questions as regards this tutorial, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

How To Get Back The Old Twitter Interface

UI re-design is something many companies have to do from time to time. It gives a whole new feeling to the app, making the user appreciate the interface more. Aside from improving aesthetics, UI re-design also helps improve navigation around the app.

UI re-design may be a product of good intentions, but deciding how good the job re-design was is the job of the end-user. There are some scenarios where users wish they could have the old user-interface. This fact may just be true in Twitter's case. Search statistics show that many twitter users wish to have the old twitter interface.  In this article, we explore different procedures on how to get back the Old twitter interface.

How To Get Back The Old Twitter Interface

1. Using Good Witter

Good Witter is a web browser extension that brings back the old twitter interface. It was designed by Zusor and is currently available for Chrome and Firefox. All you to do is download the extension from either the Chrome's web store or the Firefox's Add-on Manager and enable.

If nothing changes the instant you enable it, then you are advised to reload your twitter window or clear your internet browser's cache.

2. Change Firefox Configuration

Changing your Firefox browser configuration isn't as simple as installing a plugin, but it does work. Of course, it is a method that's peculiar to Firefox. It lets you get back the old twitter interface by making some tweaks. The steps are outlined below:
  • In the address field, type about:config.
  •  Click on the “I accept the risk!” button.
  • Right-click anywhere within the page and select “New” > “String”
  • In the preference name box, Enter general.useragent.override.twitter.com and hit “OK.”
  •  Now enter Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; Trident/7.0; rv:11.0) like Gecko, in the space provided for the string value.

In Summary:

There you have it - a comprehensive tech tutorial on how to get back the old Twitter user-interface. If you have any questions as regards this tutorial, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.