Canada Student Visa – How To Apply

Every year, lots of young people log on to the internet to check for Canada student visa. Apparently, they want to study in Canada. For you to study in Canada, you basically need to obtain a Canadian study permit. In some cases where your course or study duration is less than 6 months, you won’t necessarily be needing a study permit.

However, it is important you get this study permit before moving to Canada. The reason is; if you decide to continue your studies in another program, you will have to leave Canada then apply for it. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want that stress.

Here is the catch; if you have your Canadian study permit before moving to Canada and it expires during the course of your stay there, you can renew the permit within Canada. That really saves you a lot of stress and money of course.

For those who are full-time students duly registered at an accredited higher institution, the study permit can help you work within your school. Also, you can work off-campus, or even as an intern in a firm relating to your major course of study. Very importantly, having a study permit can help you stay back in Canada after your studies and apply for permanent residency.

Application Process For Canadian Study Permit

There are basically two ways you can apply for the Canadian study permit. One is applying online and the other is by a physical paper application. Instructions on how to do that can be found on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada, CIC website. Applying online is super faster. Using the paper option takes as long as about 2 times the duration of the online option.

If you choose to apply online (which is faster), you will need to get your credit/debit card ready for online payment. Also, you need electronic copies of the required documents handy. The immigration office in your country will inform you of the necessary documents you’ll be needing. These document requirements vary based on country location.

How To Obtain Canada Student Visa

Step 1. The very first thing and most crucial if you want to get your Canadian student visa is to obtain a formal letter of acceptance from a recognized higher institution in Canada. This does not end here for students who wish to study in Quebec. A certificate of acceptance aka CAQ must be issued to the student by the government. All these requirements can be gotten online so no sweats.

Step 2. When you are done with the above, the next step is to get the Canadian student visa application package. This can be gotten on the CIC website. Alternatively but not recommend is to visit a Canadian visa office or Canadian Embassy in your country to apply. The latter takes longer time and could be really time and energy-consuming.

Step 3. You will be asked some bio-data questions on the CIC website. These questions will let you know if you are eligible to apply or not. You need to answer them correctly in order to get your student visa application package. Do NOT enter wrong information there. Make sure anything you enter it is verifiable.

Step 4. When your result from the questions you were asked are out and you found eligible, you will get a personal checklist code, valid for 60 days. This checklist code is what you will use when submitting your application online. Be sure to print out the page containing the code as well have a soft copy of it for referencing later. This page will also embody a detailed application guide, an estimated tuition fee, the list of crucial documents you will need to submit.

Step 5. Create a MyCIC account when you’re ready to apply. This is where you will enter your personal checklist code supplied to you in step 4. You will then receive your personal document checklist which allows you to upload and send your documents to CIC. You’ll need a printer or a scanner to do this.

Step 6. This is where you submit your application to CIC. Before you submit, ensure that all documents are ready and you have also paid your fees. If all is checked, go ahead and submit.

Step 7. This depends! Some applicants may be invited for an interview in the visa office in their country of residence.

After Applying, What Next?

If your application is approved, you’ll receive a Port of Entry (POE) Letter of Introduction, while students from countries which require an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) and/or a temporary residence visa will be issued these if required. The eTA will be linked to your passport. It is important that you travel with the passport you used when you applied for your study permit. The eTA will be valid for five years or until your passport expires, whichever comes first.

Present these along with your passport, proof of your finances and your letter of acceptance (and any other documents that you’ve been advised to take) to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) in Canada, who will then issue your Canadian study permit and allow you access into Canada.

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Canada Visa Application: 100% Working Guide

For you to be on this post, it simply means you are seeking easy ways to migrate to Canada and as such, you want to know the Canada Visa Application process. Well, you are in the right place because we will be giving you a step by step guide on how to apply.

It will interest you to know that Canada offers amazing opportunities for immigrants who are seeking a better life. Canada has friendly immigration policies; a super-skilled workforce; an excellent standard of living as well as very good health care. As they say, health is wealth.

Canada has flexible immigration policies. However, if you don’t know how to go about the Canada Visa Application, your application could be delayed or even bounced. The Canadian Visa is what gives you the right to move about in the country without fear or intimidation. So, f you don’t have a visa, entering Canada is impossible.

What Are The Types Of Canadian Visa?

This question above is very crucial because when you understand the types of Visa Canada offers, you can make a good choice on which to go for. Canadian Government offers Visas in two major categories. They are;

Permanent Residence Visa: As the name implies, this category is for those who plan to stay in Canada permanently. So, the Federal Skilled Worker; Canadian Class Experience; Provincial nomination program, and the Federal skilled trades program offers permanent residency paths through the Express Entry.

Temporary Residence Visa: This is for foreigners who intend to stay in Canada for a short period of time. Under this category, you can find Visas such as; student visa, visitor visa, business persons and business delegations visa, diplomatic visa, intending organ donor visa.

: Temporary Residence Visa may be single or multiple-entry. How so? A single-entry temporary visa allows you to stay in Canada for not more than 6 months. On the other hand, a multiple-entry visa gives the immigrant the opportunity to stay for up to 6 months at a time and it’s valid for 10 years.

Who Is Eligible To Apply?

For you to be eligible for Canada Visa Application, you MUST fulfil the below;

  1. Availability of funds to take care of your self during your stay.
  2. You do not possess any security or health risk.
  3. Should be able to convince the immigration officer you will honour your obligations.
  4. You must have NEVER been banned from entering Canada.

What Are Canadian Visa Requirements?

The Canada Visa Requirements are listed below;

  • Fill and complete the appropriate form pertaining to your interest on the IRCC official website.
  • Two passport photographs as recommended by IRCC
  • A valid copy of your passport
  • Fill and complete the VFS consent form.
  • Proof of funds
  • English or French proficiency
  • Processing fee receipt
  • Reputable medical history
  • Invitation letter detailing the purpose of your visit, and details of your host.
  • A self-addressed return courier envelope
  • Proof of ties to your home country
  • Biometrics may be required

What Is Canada Visa Processing Time?

It is important to note that when doing your Canada Visa Application, there is no definite timeframe for it to process. However,? there are lots of variables that could slow down or speed up the processing time. Some factors that can affect the pace of processing are; country of residence, the queue of applications, the accuracy of data submitted, verification of your data, etc. However, Express Entry is one of the fastest to process. It usually takes a maximum of 6 months.

Where Can I Apply For Canada Visa?

So, you may be asking in your heart, how then do I apply. Good question! There are basically two ways to apply. You can apply online via the IRCC Official Website. You will be needing a scanner, hard and soft copies of the essential documents required.

The other option(which is recommended) is to apply through a Global Visa Application Centre available in Canadian embassies or consulates.

Submitting Your Passport

When you are notified to submit your passport, you are to submit your passport along with the request letter through the Canada Visa Application Centre in your home country.

Note: If you are sending your passport to the same visa application centre where you provided your biometrics, you are NOT required to pay for passport transmission charges. Also, you have the option of picking up your passport yourself, or through an authorized representative, or through a self-addressed return courier envelope.

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7 Easy Ways To Migrate To Canada

Canada is an amazing country with amazing opportunities and migrating is not as tough as people think. But, only if you know the easy ways. Would you like to know the easiest ways to migrate to Canada? If you are current, you should know that the country, Canada has currently ranked as the #1 country in the world with the best quality of life by a recent survey in the US News & World Report.

Tons of people migrate to Canada every year in search of a better life. The ready availability of jobs in Canada is also another factor that is attracting people to immigrate to Canada.

If you have always wanted to migrate to Canada but don’t know how to, follow this article carefully cos it will educate you big time. The easiest ways to migrate to Canada will be discussed and we’ll show you exactly how to move.

This article features 7 easy ways you can migrate to Canada. Make sure you read to the end.

Study Permit

If you’re looking for some of the best schools in the world, you can find them in Canada. People travel to Canada to get a quality education. You can use this option to migrate to Canada. Usually, you’d be given a study Visa to come to study in Canada but most times, you’ll be required to live and work in Canada while studying.

If you can get a long-term permanent job, it’ll help you apply for your permanent residency (PR) after your program.

Spousal Sponsorship

This is also a legitimate way of migrating to Canada. In this case, you can migrate by getting married to someone with Canadian citizenship. A lot of people are taking advantage of this option to migrate. However,? if you’re caught faking it or even trying to fake it, the penalties are tough.

Usually, the Canadian Immigration will look closely at you and your spouse for 2 full years before signing off the papers to authenticate the marriage.

The conditions are pretty simple. You may marry your partner in your country of citizenship or in any other country except for Canada and afterwards receive an overseas sponsorship.

You can also travel to Canada with a visitor Visa, then tie the knot there and then request for inland sponsorship.

Trade Agreements

If you work with a company that has an arm in Canada or your company has a contract with a Canadian company, you can simply request a transfer to a branch in Canada. It is that easy but of course, there must be a link between your company and Canada or a Canadian company.

Trade agreements between Canada and some other countries allow for intra-company transfers, but you have to be from some countries such as Chile, Jordan, Peru, Colombia, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Mexico, United States of America, Iceland, Norway, Israel, or Panama to be able to take advantage of this option.

You can apply for permanent residence after working in Canada for 12 months. If you’re in a position as this then this is your best shot to migrate to Canada.

Secure A Job With Work Permit

Another easy way of migrating to Canada is by securing a job in a Canadian company using a work permit.

This option is best for those who may not qualify for an intra-company transfer or those whose countries are not supported by the Trade agreement. (But this option is also a tricky one. For this option to work, you will need a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LIMA). An LMIA states that no qualified Canadian is available to take the role you want to fill for).

International Experience Canada (IEC)

International Experience Canada (IEC) provides youth with the opportunity to travel and work in Canada. Young people between the ages of 18 – 35 years are allowed to work during holiday vacations in Canada but with an Open Work Permit.

This category is for you if:

  • Don’t have a job offer yet
  • Want to work for more than one employer in Canada
  • You want to work in more than one location
  • You’d like to earn some money so that you can travel

Australia, Denmark, Japan, Norway, Taiwan, Austria, Estonia, South Korea, Poland, Ukraine, Belgium, France, Latvia, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Chile, Germany, Lithuania, Slovenia, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Mexico, Spain, Croatia, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, Czech Republic, Italy, New Zealand, and Switzerland are all participating countries. For a few of them, eligibility expires at age 29 or 30.

You can use the work experience gathered during a working holiday to apply for permanent residence through the CEC, a federal skilled worker of trades program, or a particular province’s skilled worker and semi-skilled worker program.

Visitor Visa

Another way you can move to Canada is by visiting Canada using the Visitor Visa. You can’t find a job with this type of Visa or even allowed to work. However, you can network and chat with people in your industry. You can’t say you are coming to Canada to look for a job when asked by an Immigration officer at the border of your purpose to Canada, You sure have to lie about it. After all, you here to sightsee and enjoy your vacation in Canada.

Have fun; meet people and have a nice time in Canada while networking and connecting with people. Some may offer you a job to come back to Canada after the expiration of your stay.

Start A Business

Another way you can come to Canada is to start a business in Canada. Canada is recruiting entrepreneurs to start businesses that create jobs for Canadians and can compete on a global scale.

So if you have the funds to start up a business in Canada, this may just be the easiest way to move to Canada. Canada has a very good business-friendly environment to establish a business.

This is a complete guide on the easy ways to migrate to Canada. Follow these steps and you will surely succeed in your quest to migrate to Canada.

How to Schedule Tweets on Twitter for Web Without an Ad Account


Scheduling of tweets was a sort of luxury only available to Twitter ad account holders for quite some time. However, all that has changed now. Scheduling tweets is now a feature available to both Ad-account and non-Ad-account holders. How do you go about it? not to worry, This comprehensive tutorial on how to schedule tweets on Twitter for the web without an Ad-account, will demystify the whole process.

The fact that the tweet schedule feature is now open to all Twitter users, means a lot to enthusiats who do not intend to have ad accounts. Scheduling tweets is the way to go if you do not have the time to post on your Twitter wall every day, but intend to build an engaging audience.  All Twitter users can now schedule a chain of posts to be published on their microblogging platform.

How to Schedule Tweets on Twitter for Web Without an Ad AccountHTE


To process of scheduling tweets on the web for Twitter accounts without an ad account is far from being herculean. It's not a hack, its actually  an official process designed by Twitter. The steps are outlined below in a comprehensive manner.

Scheduling Tweets on Twitter For Web Without Ad Account

  1. Logon to twitter.com via a web-browser
  2. Login into your twitter account with the particulars you used in registering.
  3. Launch the tweet box
  4. Compose your tweet in the field provided inside the compose box
  5. Click on the calendar icon from the list of icons found beneath the compose box
  6. Now set the data and time you want the tweet to be published
  7. Click on the "Schedule" button

There you have it - a comprehensive tutorial on how to schedule on twitter web without an ad account. If for some reason the tutorial wasn't totally clear to you or you have any contributions, or other social networking tips, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

How To Disable Ultra Wideband U1 Chip To Prevent Background Location Tracking On iPhone 11

One of the perks that have over the years grown to become very famous with iPhones, is the rigid security they offer. iPhones are known to offer a luxurious security suite that keeps every form of data secured from pilfering. However, there is a high chance your location data may be up for leaks if you own an iPhone 11 or 11 Pro using running iOS later than the 13.3.1 version. This is facilitated by the mode of operation of the U1 Chip. In this article, you will learn how to disable the ultra-wideband U1 chip to prevent background location tracking on iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

Without a doubt, reading the above must have facilitated the question as to why Apple chose to employ Ultra wideband U1 considering the fact that it poses a threat to the prestigious security suite. The answer is pretty much wrapped in one sentence. The U1 chip makes apple's airdrop system work seamlessly.

In other to make the airdrop system work a lot better, Apple employed the use of the U1 Chip which features an Ultra-Wideband (UWB) radio that lets it provide precise location and spatial awareness. As such, it's able to detect its exact position relative to other iPhones in the same environment.

Leaving this chip enabled creates a back door for your exact location to shared amongst pilferers, which in turn leaves a stain on the integrity of the iPhone's security system. However, Apple made a fix to this problem, but you would have to be using the iOS 13.3.1 or later version to get access to this fix. As such we advise you to update your iOS if you are using a version older than 13.3.1.

How To Disable Ultra Wideband U1 chip on iPhone 11 and 11 Pro

How To Disable Ultra Wideband U1 Chip To Prevent Background Location Tracking On iPhone 11

The steps to disabling the U1 chip are is concise and easy to grasp. This is thanks to the fact that it is inculcated into settings on iPhones. All you need do is follow the steps outlined below in the right order.

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone
  2. Scroll down and tap Privacy
  3. Tap Location Services
  4. Select System Services from the list
  5. Now search for the Networking & Wireless option and then proceed to disable it

Wrapping up

If you value security of your smartphone, then there is no doubt that this tutorial on how to disable ultra Wideband U1 Chip To Prevent Background Location Tracking On iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro would fit in perfectly. However, please note that disabling this feature means, the U1 chip will also not be functioning to enhance Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.

How To Root Samsung Galaxy A70 with PC

The Samsung Galaxy A70 is one of the top-notch midrange smartphones Samsung has manufactured in recent years. It sort of tick majority of the criteria that define a good mid-range smartphone. Packed in the Galaxy A70 is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 processor, 6GB 0r 8GB RAM, 128GB of internal storage, a 4500mAh battery, 25W fast charge mechanism and lots more.

It runs on the well-distinguished One UI interface. This article covers a tutorial on how to root the Samsung Galaxy A70 with PC.
how to root Samsung Galaxy A70 with PC
There are actually different ways to root the Samsung Galaxy A70. Rooting it via PC using a one-click root system is one of them. The fact that you chose to read this article, is a pointer to the fact that you desire to root your Samsung Galaxy A70 device with your PC.  Here you will learn how to root the Samsung Galaxy A70 with PC using Kingroot. However before you can proceed to root this device, there are certain requirements you must meet.


  1. You must unlock the bootloader on your Samsung Galaxy A70 device
  2. You are required to have at least 60% charge
  3. Download the Kingroot App on your PC

How To Unlock the Bootloader of the Samsung Galaxy A70

1. Enable Developers Option: To enable developer option, navigate through settings > About phone > About phone > tap on build numbers until you get the message that developer settings have been enabled.
2. Go back to the setting page and open developer options
3. Look for OEM Unlock option and enable it
4. Download the CROM APP
5. Launch the CROM app and toggle the slider to unlock the bootloader
6. Your Bootloader has been unlocked.

How To Root Samsung Galaxy A70 with PC Using KingRoot

Kingroot was chosen for this tutorial, because of its simplicity. It's unarguably one of the easiest platforms to root smartphones. Rooting smartphones with Kingroot is a very seamless process. This simplicity spreads to not just its PC extension, but also on the mobile app. The steps to root your Samsung Galaxy A70 with PC using the Kingroot app are outlined below:
1. Download and install  King Root on your computer
2. Launch the King Root software you download on your PC
3. Connect your Samsung Galaxy A70 device to your PC
4. Wait for King Root to recognize your device and then tap okay
5. Click the Root button to begin the root process
6. Unplug and reboot your Samsung Galaxy A70 device ones the rooting process is complete

Wrapping Up:

The whole process of rooting the Samsung Galaxy A70 with PC is pretty much simple and straight forward. All that is required is for you to follow the steps outlined in this article. However, if you have any questions as regards this tutorial, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.