10 Ways to Access Gmail when Blocked by a Firewall

Access to email with Gmail is in the daily routine for many Internet users. Typically, workplaces/universities do not like to open access to Gmail, as this makes people spend more time reviewing personal stuff in Gmail. If your site's IT employees have blocked Gmail access with Firewall and/or other security programs. Here are some possible ways to bypass it.
how to access Gmail when blocked by a firewall
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1. Enter another access URL: Start using another Internet URL to access Gmail instead of using www.gmail.com. Your IT administrator may have neglected to block any of these alternative URLs.

  • http://gmail.com or https://gmail.com
  • http://m.gmail.com or https://m.gmail.com
  • http://googlemail.com or https://googlemail.com
  • http://mail.google.com/mail/x/ or https://mail.google.com/mail/x/

You can attempt  logging to Gmail via any of them to see if this particular loophole exists.

2. Use of proxy sites to survive: There are hundreds of proxy sites that can be used to access blocked Gmail in the office, university, or workplace.

Some of the best and  top free proxy sites are:
  • http://kproxy.com/
  • http://www.zalmos.com/
  • https://www.my-proxy.com/

3. Download Gmail Messages with an Email Client: Instead of accessing Gmail via an internet browser, you can set up an email client to download and install Gmail messages.

The popular email client options are:

4. Get Access to Gmail via Google Desktop: If you have given your consent to install an application, the computer's computer system that the Google Desktop installation can meet.

You can get access to Gmail with this application without specifying the restrictions imposed by your IT administrator in your location. It may be fun and easily help you bypass weak firewall restrictions!

5. Create a free Gmail password: Know the internet service called "FreeMyFeed". It allows you to create a free password RSS feed that can be used to access Gmail content into web-based RSS reader.

Consider the use when you share login information. It can come in handy as a formidable option for getting access to Gmail on restricted computer systems. 

6. Access iGoogle: You can try to access Gmail via the iGoogle login URL [http://www.google.com/ig] after logging in. You can view the latest Gmail messages in the left side of the screen/window.

7. Use Website with Gmail Lite Installed: You can use third-party sites (very risky) where Gmail Lite software is installed. This can be a workable option, but not as secured as the options above.

8. Open Gmail from Google Talk: If you actually install Google Talk on your computer's desktop machine, click the Gmail icon next to the button in the Gtalk home screen. This may work if your computer/server administrator was too sloppy to block access to it.

9. Make friends in the IT department: If nothing works, making friends with some of the IT staff can, or wouldn't it? They can unlock Gmail lock for you during leisure times (only) to ensure you can overcome Gmail addiction. Give it a chance, it can work, we are people!

10. Just accept it or Use Mobile for Gmail : If none of the above works when you try to access blocked Gmail at the office, work or school, give credit to your computer experts. They really did their job well.

Your best bet at this point is to use your mobile phone for getting access to Gmail or rely on other services for online communications when at work or the restricted environment.

N/B: sites are blocked in the office, workplace, and university, because of protesting against policies and retaining employee/apprenticeship performance. Although research suggests that blocking of websites leads to lack of focus and productivity, respect the rules and try not to seek ways to trouble the blocked sites, okay?

Feel free to suggest other top-solid methods to gain access to Gmail when blocked by a Firewall and/or a server administrator. 

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