an Infographic on Combating Ransomware and Malicious Viruses

The issue of computer, Network and tech security is not one to be taken lightly. This is because the introduction of internet system made it easy to spread virus and malicious apps in split-seconds.

With the introduction of tech and internet in cars, watches, PDAs, televisions and most other consumer electronics, it is important to take security, privacy and safe practices awareness to every where possible.

This is why we thought it wise to share this awesome infographics by 3ptechies that talks about combating ransomware, PC viruses and malicious cyber attacks.

Do well to read through it and implement as much as you can to stay safe both online and offline.

Remember to share your view on ransomware, malware and/or computer viruses by using the comments section below.

combating ransomware infographics

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