Top 20 Popular WordPress Plugins [an InfoGraphic]

One of the greatest assets for WordPress is that of installing plugins to enhance the website. These micro-programs can do everything from keeping your site more secure to offering the bells-and-whistles your visitors may appreciate.

WordPress is truly one of the most versatile and easy to customize when compared to other forms of content management systems. You can install plugins such as:

Sucuri SiteCheck

Site hacking can be problematic when you're trying to build an online reputation. Sucuri SiteCheck helps prevent malware, hidden coding and other malicious intrusions onto your website.


Many people enjoy images on websites, and Soliloquy gives you a responsive sliding system to display them on virtually any platform. Optimized for SEO practices, this addition can help in the search results.

WP Google Fonts

Go beyond available fonts and enhance the customization with WP Google Fonts. This plugin allows users to import the Google font directory to WordPress to help add pizzazz to pages.

Woofluid Plugin

As more online shoppers are doing so from their smartphones, Woofluid helps you engage those shoppers with a customized mobile app directly connected to the eCommerce platform.

Disqus Comment System

When it comes to providing a spam-free and engaging platform for comments, few systems work as fluid as Disqus. This plugin gives you greater control and more interactivity with those who visit the blog.

With all of the plugins that are available for install, the following are some of the most popular among thousands of people looking to improve their blogs. Whether you want to prevent spam or give your site a boost for eCommerce, there is nearly something for everyone.


The infographic for the top 20 popular WordPress plugins was created and shared by Jess Antony of http://cmstowp.com/

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